An effective full-body circuit workout doesn’t need to include a slew of different exercises. In fact, many of the most valuable training sessions are also the simplest (just like these 10 best exercises for women). It makes sense if you think about it: Instead of learning new moves or collecting equipment, you can focus on the details that matters most while performing this full-body circuit workout, like proper form and intensity.

This four-round circuit uses only four signature moves (squats, lunges, pushups, and rows) that get progressively more challenging with each round. Complete the full-body dumbbell workout for weight-loss to kick your booty into high gear at home or at the gym. (Then try this 30-minute, no-equipment circuit tomorrow to mix things up!)

How it works: Do 1 set of every exercise in order, with little to no rest between moves. If needed, rest 30 to 60 seconds between circuits.

You’ll need: A set of 5- to 25-pound dumbbells (Choose a weight heavy enough to make it difficult to complete the last rep with proper form).

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